Wednesday, March 12, 2008

I don't like trimming. Maybe it's because my tools are dull, or that nothing seems to be centered, or that I'm never quite sure when I've trimmed to an even thickness. When I write this all down it just sounds like I need to get more practice and sharpen my damn tools.
Another classmate stopped by as I was trimming, and she said her and two other classmates had joked about starting a production line - one would throw, one would trim, and one would glaze - because each of them didn't mind doing one of those things. So I wondered - why do we do this if there are so many steps we don't enjoy? I don't like wedging, glazing, or loading the kiln either. On my good days I enjoy throwing, and opening the kiln is usually exciting (if not disappointing, but thankfully it's more often exciting).
So why do I do it? Because I'm (relatively) good at it. I suppose I like the idea of hand-made dishes, but I'm not sure why. I wouldn't sell a plate for less than $10, yet I could buy a nice set of 4 plates for a total of $10 on sale at Pier 1. Though out of all the things I have done, this is what I keep doing, and the only thing I'd rather be doing is dancing. So I guess this works. It suits me well enough - I'm introverted, creative, and I like to be challenged (even though I may complain in the process, the feeling of overcoming a challenge is awesome). My mom has been waiting for me to make plates so she can stop using her Christmas ones year-round, and a friend has commissioned me to make him a dinner set. Hooray for plates.


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