Friday, January 29, 2010

Etsy shop

My Etsy shop is once again full... well, full as it ever was. Someday in the next few months it will be even more full with not only cups, but teapots and other tea accessories. The Arvada Ceramic Arts Guild is having a tea-themed show in March, so I'm getting ready for that. In the meantime, take a look at my shop here. 5% of proceeds from my bicycle cups will be donated to Wish for Wheels, a Colorado charity who donates new bicycles to underprivileged Denver kindergarten kids.

Which design is your favorite?

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Thursday, January 21, 2010

New bike cups

My cups enjoyed a little photo shoot in the kitchen today... not the best lighting, but it'll do for now. I hope to have these and more pots up for sale on Etsy by Monday. Here are "Lost," "Curiosities" and "To the Moon!"

Monday, January 11, 2010

Curiosities in 2010

The first bike cups of 2010 in progress:

My "Lost" design here has evolved into "Curiosities," with the flower kissing the bike, or sniffing it's nose like two cats greeting each other, and some other flowers remind me of winged insects. I'm enjoying this design most of all! To the right is a new design inspired by a delicious apricot beer at Dry Dock Brewing in Aurora, Colorado, and in the back are "To the Moon!" and "Dive!" bike cups. Someday I'll have my work for sale again on Etsy... for now it's sold at the Arvada Ceramic Arts Guild gallery, Madison & Main in Greeley, and soon I hope to have some at Leta's Loot, a housewares consignment store in Aurora.

Thursday, January 7, 2010

Studio update

I've been a busy little potter this season, making a lot of cups as usual, along with pitchers, jars & teapots. A friend commented on my lack of direction and the fact that I don't stick with one thing for long. It's true, I get bored easily, but I do have plans for a full dinner set, or luncheon set rather. What those pots will look like I haven't figured out yet. At the moment my mind is set on making a cup inspired by my cat Leo. Here he is enjoying a cuppa:

We're also experimenting with glazes at the Arvada Ceramic Arts Guild. Connie Christensen is in her glaze testing phase of the year, now testing dozens of cone 6 glazes, and we have a cone 6 electric glaze workshop at the Guild January 30-31. I haven't experimented much with glazes myself, but I would like to make some ^6 electric microcrystalline glazes. Here are two beautiful examples of a microcrystallines: Susan Filly tumbler, Susan Filley cup. Any advice on making & testing these sorts of glazes is welcome. If you're in the area & you'd like to join us for the workshop, call the guild for more info - 303.423.0448. The Guild is on Facebook too & I post regular updates about our events & news from other Guild members: Arvada Ceramic Arts Guild.
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