Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Blog colors

I just updated my blog colors... What do you think? Also check out the new ceramics lynx in the right-hand column for some artists I like, and links to my website and Etsy shop.

The new home studio

I bought a wheel several weeks ago and finally got around to using it today. Although the only thing I have to show for it is a large lump of wet clay, it was good to get in the studio again. The home studio! It's beginning to feel like more than just a laundry room with a wheel in it:

What I love about a home studio:

1. I can listen to the music I want on Pandora.com instead the repetitive shit they play on FM radio. (Please excuse the language... I just want to make my feelings for the radio obvious. It blows.)

2. I can fix myself a cuppa tea as frequently as I like. Is 6 servings of green tea in one day excessive?

3. I can have my lunch break whenever I'm ready. (The guild is closed 12 - 1 PM.)

4. I don't have to pay $4 for a bus ride and overhear socially retarded people talking about guns, drugs, sex, or other things that I won't want to overhear.

5. On cold, windy days like today I don't have to leave the house to be productive.

6. When I flop as many pots as I did today I don't feel quite as bad because no one is watching me...

I realized the reason my pots were so terribly off-center in the first half of my day is that I was being lazy in wedging the clay. I was taught to first wire-wedge, then spiral wedge, and I don't have a handy wire firmly attached to a cement wedging table. So I skipped the wire and quickly spiraled my clay on the slick table top I had available. I realized that wouldn't get me far, so I gave in and used my ordinary wire tool. I discovered a nice little shortcut though... after each cut with the wire I set it straight on the table and slammed the clay back onto it to make the slicing easier:

Two things I need to look into for the studio: a wedging table and a throwing stool. Do you have any suggestions?

Creativity and Artsy Things

I'm in the creative mood again... a good mood to be in as an artist! So along comes some creative blogging to go with it.

Catching up on my readings I scrolled through the blog of Linda Johnson (Little Flower Designs) and stopped on her post about the pARTsy! - a blog for "A Celebration of Artsy Products." My latest addition to my Etsy favorites is this: Cocoon Designs. I must say I'm not normally a fan of stuffed things... like extra pillows on the bed, they're just a thing of decoration that takes up space and gets tossed around needlessly. But these are fun. They're kind of odd, quirky, colorful, and I would love to have one sitting on a shelf next to a teapot in my studio. I like this little guy because it reminds me of an owl.

Monday, March 23, 2009


If you're a regular reader here you've noticed I've neglected my blogging... I've been in a rut and neglecting my ceramics as well. It's always one thing or another distracting me from my artwork. How do you keep your focus? What motivates you to create?

As for my little furry friend Leo, we're putting off his surgery until May when his other human has time to take him to the vet with me. Let me know if you're interested in contributing to the Leo fund.

Monday, March 2, 2009

Leo needs surgery

My good friend Leo was born with a lower eyelid that rolls inward, so his fur gets all up in there and irritates his eye, which could eventually lead to ulcers or blindness. Known as Entropion, he's in need of surgery. The price tag on this fun procedure is $400... I could use a little help. Could you afford to donate $1 to the Leo fund? My paypal email is hellobengaltiger at hotmail dot com. I hope to get him fixed up in a few weeks and I'll post photos of him then with a silly collar around his head!

Shipping: I need advice

I'm so tempted to purchase this cup by Naomi Cleary mainly for one reason* - to see how she packages it for shipping. I am new to this online selling and I would love to see how other artists package their pots. How do you ship your pots? Bubble wrap, packing peanuts, corrugated cardboard shavings... ? Where's the best place to buy the supplies?

Advice on any aspects of shipping would be greatly appreciated!

*Of course this isn't the only reason... she's having a SUPER SALE on some pots and this one is lovely, and much closer to my budget of zero than most other artists I admire.
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