Monday, August 4, 2008

You know you're a true potter when discovering the website of a fellow potter genuinely makes your day... I just had a terribly stressful Sunday, followed by a tired and depressing Monday, and on a period off I was browsing pottery blogs. I searched for the website of an old friend, an artist who was graduating from UNC when I was just starting, and I was thrilled when I found it! His outlook on life and pottery is refreshing, as is his work, so check it out - Noel Bailey

Saturday, August 2, 2008

Learning to Throw

At the camp I've been working at all summer I haven't had many chances to teach wheel throwing because it is terribly difficult to go between teaching one thing to half the class and teaching throwing to the other. We have a period each day called "free choice" which is a chance for the kids to try something they haven't done before, or just do whatever the heck they want. So I offered throwing last Sunday and was frustrated with teaching 8 girls this difficult skill. Of course I can throw, but teaching is another story, and I was lacking patience. Today I checked out the website Learning to Throw with Marvin Bartel for some tips... I don't know if it will help me tomorrow when I offer it again, but I think it would be beneficial for any adult who is interested in learning.
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