Monday, March 23, 2009


If you're a regular reader here you've noticed I've neglected my blogging... I've been in a rut and neglecting my ceramics as well. It's always one thing or another distracting me from my artwork. How do you keep your focus? What motivates you to create?

As for my little furry friend Leo, we're putting off his surgery until May when his other human has time to take him to the vet with me. Let me know if you're interested in contributing to the Leo fund.


Studio Terrafemina said...

Forever you will be an Artist. Some times we are just the very same as the Ocean. Tides ebb and flow. Storms. Calm.... well, you get the picture. I can promise you one thing, for certain, for sure, I guarantee you will feel the flow come to your mind to you hands again.

Studio Terrafemina said...

Sometimes it is just calm and quiet.No-nuttin'! Sometimes I can't sleep for days and days with ideas churning and sworling around
Your Quiet Time (aka "rut") It will pass.
Don't label it good or bad. It just is what it is... you know what I mean Jelly Bean!? All things are temporary.
I promise.
Sucks about your Puss-Cat. Tough one.I know. yup, Tough one.

Studio Terrafemina said...

I did this in two posts because the silly thing said I am too long winded and I was NOT going to let that stop my "flow"

Maggie said...

I actually have a big post about inspirations forethcoming, so maybe I will work harder to get it done sooner.

Erin said...

Terrafemina, thank you for the words of encouragement :)
Maggie, I enjoyed your post about inspiration. You have some good advice :)

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