Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Creativity and Artsy Things

I'm in the creative mood again... a good mood to be in as an artist! So along comes some creative blogging to go with it.

Catching up on my readings I scrolled through the blog of Linda Johnson (Little Flower Designs) and stopped on her post about the pARTsy! - a blog for "A Celebration of Artsy Products." My latest addition to my Etsy favorites is this: Cocoon Designs. I must say I'm not normally a fan of stuffed things... like extra pillows on the bed, they're just a thing of decoration that takes up space and gets tossed around needlessly. But these are fun. They're kind of odd, quirky, colorful, and I would love to have one sitting on a shelf next to a teapot in my studio. I like this little guy because it reminds me of an owl.
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