Tuesday, September 2, 2008


I love using the word "delightful" ... this work by Clare Twomey is truly delightful. I love how it invades the space of the museum in a playful way, that the visitors can interract with it and take a bird home with them. It's beautiful :-) The show I have in November is also one visitors will be able to interract with, because I think ceramics are meant to be touched. Even walking through an ordinary clothing store I tend to run my hands along things as a pass them... I just like to touch things. When I was a little girl I went to a museum with my dad and there was a wax sculpture with fabric that looked too real to be wax. I reached to touch it and got yelled at. In my show this year I plan to have many pieces veiled in fabric, for the viewer to lift for themselves and touch the artwork they see. If you know of any other ceramists creating interractive art, I'd love to see it!


Blog Lloyd Casey said...

Hey Erin! It's your bro. This is cool you got your own blog. I checked out the art by the woman making the animals that resemble her own sexuality. Very cool.

Good luck next month with your show.

Everyone, seriously check Erin out! Her ceramic work is magnificently soothing : )

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