Sunday, October 19, 2008

"Why Don't You Just Make That?"

Sometimes when I'm with friends or family and I see a pot that I would love to buy, they say, "you could just make it..."
But I don't want to make it. Sure, half the things I see I could probably make, but that's not the point. I want to make a line of work that says something about me, I don't want to make what someone else has already made. I don't mind supporting other artists either, even though I hardly have money to support myself sometimes. Some things I wouldn't mind making for myself however... here's the difference:

Something I would make:

Something I would buy:

Why? The napkin rings are more simple and I wouldn't mind customizing to my own style. They'd be quick to make, too. The teapot has a more defined style - one that I like, but that I wouldn't want to copy. What's the point in copying other artists? I saw one of Jennifer Allen's teapots at Santa Fe Clay & it was gorgeous! My favorite part was the handle, because I had never seen it done before and I thought it was a brilliant solution - it comes over the lip of the pot so when you pour, the top end of the handle catches the lid so it doesn't fall off.

Rae Dunn
Jennifer Allen


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