Monday, June 15, 2009

Interview: Judi Tavill

The first ceramics survey comes from Judi! If you'd like to take the survey, check out this post for more info. A different ceramic artist / potter will be featured every Monday.

Vital statistics (name, age, location, website)?
Judi Tavill, 40, Rumson,NJ,

Where do you work in clay?
In a studio in my home

Do you have another job?
Mom (2 boys, 12 1/2 and 9)

Are your studio and occupation decisions made by choice or necessity?
My decisions are made by choice for the most part.

How do you budget your time (in the studio and out - family, errands, etc)?
Not very well...When I'm working I tend to think of all of the other "stuff" I need to do and when I'm not working, I tend to think about needing to get work done.... Trying to be more PRESENT... having trouble.

Why do you make pots (or sculptures)?
I love to work with clay....I am drawn to it... I NEED to "express" myself through visual and I am totally addicted.

How concerned are you about environmental issues? Does this affect your work?
I'm concerned. I could be more concerned... I am trying to recycle more and more and be very careful with my use of energy.

What do you do when you're having a bad day in the studio?
Cry? Scream? Take a break...go for a walk...Yell at my kids?

Do you create art in other mediums?
I used to design clothes for a living and sewed and then I painted...mainly using oil paint sticks... and drawing but ever since clay...I sketch a bit... I knit....I don't really make art with my knitting however... although I have made some bracelets out of knitting sterling silver ....more like art...

Where do you sell your work?
I mainly sell my work on Etsy, out of my studio and at some smaller shows...have some wholesale and consignment stuff on the back burner...

How did you approach those venues about selling your work?
I try to have a positive attitude and believe presentation is key.

Do you have any questions you're dying to ask other ceramic artists, or artists in general?
Hmmm.... How they balance their time....and completely focus on what they are doing WHEN they are doing it....


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