Monday, January 11, 2010

Curiosities in 2010

The first bike cups of 2010 in progress:

My "Lost" design here has evolved into "Curiosities," with the flower kissing the bike, or sniffing it's nose like two cats greeting each other, and some other flowers remind me of winged insects. I'm enjoying this design most of all! To the right is a new design inspired by a delicious apricot beer at Dry Dock Brewing in Aurora, Colorado, and in the back are "To the Moon!" and "Dive!" bike cups. Someday I'll have my work for sale again on Etsy... for now it's sold at the Arvada Ceramic Arts Guild gallery, Madison & Main in Greeley, and soon I hope to have some at Leta's Loot, a housewares consignment store in Aurora.


Anonymous said...

When did you first start using illustrations on your pots? It's something that wasn't really around when I was in school 10 years ago but is everywhere now . . . . trying to get a feel for where it came from.

Erin said...

I first started illustrating on my cups in undergrad in 2007. I traded my car for a bike & wanted to paint bikes on my cups. They were only small, simple doodles at the time & they've evolved into these. Here is a nother ceramic artist/ illustrator who found my work on Etsy and noticed we have similar styles, especially with the bikes:

Amanda said...

are you going to NCECA this year? this is my first year and I'm a little flabergasted. What do I do? (Yes, I know that's a broad question, but I just decided to go!)


Erin said...

Amanda, I wish I could go this year, but I can't afford it this time. I'm sure you'll have fun. It's awesome! I've been the past three years, Louisville, Pittsburg, & Phoenix. Are you going alone or with friends? It's good to have a focus because there are always so many different galleries, lectures, panels, etc that I want to go to and sometimes I feel all the good ones overlap. It can be difficult to fit in everything you want to do. The demonstrations can be really helpful or can be a waste of time, depending on how they go. If you love the work of the demonstrators, go early to get a good seat, and if they're not interesting enough after the first hour I might leave if there was something else I'd like to see. Bring a cup for the cup sale, & bring business cards. Bring money for the vendors because you'll find some new tools & they're usually discounted for the conference. The bus tours of galleries are one of the best parts, as long as you choose a good route... I don't know if there's any way to know what's good ahead of time though. I hope that helps, let me know if you have any other questions (email ceramicerin at gmail) :) Enjoy!

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