Thursday, April 17, 2008

More Fun with P'Clay

Yet again I didn't plan ahead and spent most of Tuesday NOT making my porcelain paper clay (p'clay) "Lamp" sculpture. Instead I was preparing the clay. Note to self: prepare p'clay the day BEFORE you plan to sculpt. Duh. So I finally got to work on it today and here's what I've got so far:
What's left is a box-like figure to top it off, so there's going to be some weight resting on acute angles. Hence the p'clay. The benefit of using p'clay is that the paper fibers hold themselves together incredibly well. There was actually resistance from the clay as I was trying to slice through it with a needle tool. An exacto knife would be a good investment. Below is an example of darting - cutting a triangle away and joining the clay back together to make it smaller.

And while we're on subject, below is an example of my cat's lovely antics:

See that dent on the left side? That's called accidental altered art. That bicycle in the background? Was just knocked over by this guilty-looking nut:

His shock at knocking the bike over was amusing enough to still love him. Thankfully wet clay is easy to fix, and it's new temporary home is in my room away from any moving objects :)

So the p'clay is an interesting experience. It's my first time working with it, also my first time working with Southern Ice, and I don't know which one, or both, makes it feel dry and weird. Still crossing my fingers for success. Now I have a bag full of expensive p'clay that may or may not smell like mold when I get to the studio next. That's exciting.


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