Wednesday, May 14, 2008

Annie Chrietzberg and Websites

Annie Chrietzberg is quite the colorful ceramist. When I first saw her just over a year ago in an airport she was wearing some pretty limey green sweater, knitting a brightly colored hat, perhaps similar to the one the man traveling with her was wearing. Judging her overall appearance I figured she must be an artist. Coincidentally she was a Coloradan going to NCECA as well, and I met her on the bus ride to the hotel. From the little that I've conversed with her, she seems like a pretty cool artist, and she makes some very well crafted and beautiful art. These cups are on my wishlist now.

I've been mentioning websites here and there and I really like Annie's, partly because it's colorful and it goes well with her work. I've started a 2-week trial period with the service she uses, so you might be seeing a new website soon :)


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