Thursday, November 6, 2008

Ceramic Sensibility - 1st Solo

Woo hoo!!! First exhibition, titled "Ceramic Sensibility," under my belt, done and done... well, it's up until December 5th, but at least it's up. It's been stressful these past few weeks, rushing to get everything finished. Months ago I thought I would be fine, I did have months after all. Then one thing or another got in the way and I was still making sculptures at the last minute. Turned out alright though.

Viewers were allowed and encouraged to touch everything in the gallery, and one of the professors at UNC was having fun rearranging some of the sculptures...

Three people had actually rearranged this last one... I was quite amused :) All in all it was a good reception. Some people were unsure about the fabric draped over half the sculptures, but others really enjoyed it. Most of the people who came were artists as well and they enjoyed being able to touch everything. I enjoyed watching them interact with it, too.

I'll post photos of all the sculptures on my website in the next few weeks.


Mallory said...

Hi, fellow potter here and I've been enjoying your blog. I love your work and the unique ideas you have about your displays. Most galleries and exhibits are so hands-off so I'm sure your work stands out. Wish I could see it and feel it for myself. Good luck with your work and congrats on your show!

Erin said...

Thanks Mallory! I think it's a good thing to be able to touch the artwork, and a lot of people who visit galleries are careful enough with it anyway. The pile of little pillow-like things is supposed to be (accidentally) broken, but people were so careful during the opening that only one was (intentionally) broken. Perhaps I'll be able to show my work in Asheville someday :)

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