Tuesday, November 11, 2008

To the Moon! and by that I mean...

Denver! Sorry, that title is completely random and stupid. Moving on... I'm moving! I'll now seriously be looking into my options in Denver. Do I want to join a guild? Take a community college class? Try to bum a ride in some artist's studio? Splurge for my own wheel right away? But what about a kiln?

I just found out that Justin & I will be moving into a town home by December, though we'll both be living part-time in both locations at least until January. I'll have to find out if there's any reason (ceramic-wise) for me to stay in Greeley a little while longer, since my current lease isn't up until May.

Some things I'm looking forward to:

+ a dishwasher. these things are REALLY handy.
+ more space. I'll have to take photos of my current apartment for anyone who ever complains about too little space. We'll compare notes.
+ cleaner air... hopefully. living right above the old, probably mold-infested basement is terrible for the respiratory system.
+ being close to numerous diverse galleries and museums
+ swing dancing. Mercury Cafe = awesome!

Some things I'll miss:
+ my roommate... she's a pretty cool chick and the only roommate I've ever really gotten along with for an extended period of time in close quarters. her fiance is a pretty cool dude, too. where else am I going to learn about weird science stuff?
+ the old quirky charm of my apartment. though tiny, worn, and sometimes difficult to live in, it's still charming and it's been interesting learning to live there. I plan to take a handful of pictures of it before I move...
+ numerous friends and aquantances... it can take a while to make new friends
+ Sacred Space Yoga... Krista tells me they're going to have belly dancing next year!


Cynthia said...

Good luck with your move! Very exciting...and Greeley isn't too far away for visits.

Erin said...

Indeed. Thank you! It's nice that I don't have a set date to move by and I can move bits at a time :)

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