Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Alltop, MudTeam, and Etsy, oh my!

Some exciting new things happening - 1) I'm on Alltop - the “online magazine rack” of popular topics. 2) I'm a member of the Etsy MudTeam. 3) I sold my 2nd pot on Etsy! This I believe I can thank blogging for. After I commented on a post at Tiny Choices, one of the writers clicked on the link to my blog and continued to find her way to my shop. Thank you, Jenn, for supporting me!

Due to the fact that I have no other job right now and I have been spending nearly every day at home, mostly on the internet, I've been exploring new ways of networking and promoting myself. Tonight I'll finally be joining the local potter's guild so I can get back in the game of actually making pots, and tomorrow I plan to spend the day in Denver job-hunting, so I don't have to be a *starving* artist. Wish me luck!


Patricia Griffin said...

Wishing you luck! You go, girl!

Jenn said...

Looking forward to drinking from the mug, it's beautiful, and so bikey!

Erin said...

Thank you Patricia & Jenn! I don't think this career would even get started without support from people like you :)

As for the bikes, I plan to make more bikey cups in the future. I'd even like to donate some of the proceeds to bicycle charities as soon as I start making enough to pay the bills.

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