Sunday, February 1, 2009

Who needs a real job anyway?

What have I been up to? As always when I'm tight on money, life gets in the way of my passion. Looking for a job is a full-time job in itself, then add to that looking for roommates... In this economy. In this city. Life is tough at the moment, though I'm trying to stay optimistic. This month will be one of our worst yet financially, but I think it'll get easier come March. Anyway, I've started mystery shopping as a part time job. It's an odd job, but a friend suggested it, so I'm trying it out. No interviewing necessary... makes it easy to get started.

Oh, I'm sorry, this is a ceramics blog isn't it? Alright, back to that... in between all the job-hunting I've found a few hours this week to make pots. One thing I'm excited for are my berry bowls - medium-small bowls with holes to rinse off berries in, with small plates to sit underneath, so you can rinse your berries and eat them too, all in one attractive dish. Lovely!

Today I helped my friends back at UNC with their annual "throw-a-thon" ... We started it a few years ago in response to Hurricane Katrina. We invited students & local potters to join us in making pots for a weekend, then held a sale at the University & donated all the proceeds to benefit the hurricane victims. We decided to make it an annual event and donate to a different charity each year. This is the second year that the proceeds will be going back to the ceramics students to help them go to the NCECA conference. It was like a reunion with everyone in the ol' UNC ceramics studio, it was great!


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